Research Highlights

Research on Nucleotide Excision Repair earns George Garinis an ERC Consolidator Grant
George Garinis, a Professor at the Department of Biology, University of Crete and an affiliated group leader at the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), has recently been awarded the prestigious European Research Council (ERC) Consolidator Grant for his research proposal titled "Dissecting the Functional Role of Nucleotide Excision Repair in Mammals-DeFiNER."
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Magnetic materials pushing the frontiers of medical diagnostics
A state-of-the art approach to enhance the resolution of non-invasive medical diagnosis techniques is to utilize nano-size materials which are delivered at the regions of interest and allow improved tissue contrast. For such applications, magnetic iron oxides are emerging as promising probes in the diagnosis of various diseases and especially in the area of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
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